Wooing a Ukrainian Woman

By Admin on May 10, 2017

Ukrainian girls dating becomes more and more popular with years. As western men knew little about countries that comprised the USSR, it is no surprise that their initial attention was drawn by Russian girls. But time went by and Ukrainian girls started slowly stealing the limelight.

Western men who are less fundamentalists prefer dating Ukrainian girls, rather than Russian. Slavic women attract western men, because they are believed to accept traditional gender role. But where Russian girl is an obedient housewife, Ukrainian girl is a passionate lover and your loyal life-long partner. Russian woman respect her man, even if he treats her like a thing that belongs to him. Ukrainian woman expect respect to be mutual. Russian girl wants you to command her, while Ukrainian woman won't take orders. And, Ukrainian girls are believed to be more beautiful than their Russian sisters.

So, how do you woo a Ukrainian girl? Is wooing a Ukrainian girl is a much harder task than wooing any other girl? Well, there is no ultimate guide on how to woo a Ukrainian woman. Because each girl is different. Though, there some tips that can help you learn how to woo a girl.

Be attentive to her

You can't woo girls without being attentive to them. Especially you need attention if you want to woo a Ukrainian girl. Ukrainian women like their men talking to them. So, whenever she's into conversation you need to be ready to keep up with her. Be attentive, make sure that it is a dialogue, but still you shouldn't talk too much. Ask her some question on the topic of your conversation to express your interest.

Make her compliments

When you're trying to woo a woman, compliments is your best weapon. Chivalry and gallantry will work in your favour with a Ukrainian girl. Tell her that she's beautiful and charming. Tell her that you like when she's smiling. Being romantic is the best way how to woo a girl, but with a Ukrainian woman you must be careful. Don't over do it. If you're not the greatest living poet, don't send her your poems, as she might not be impressed. + the language barrier may prevent her from understanding your text correctly, so it's better to stick with simpler stuff.

Hang around

You need to remind a girl of you, if you want to woo her. When it comes to Ukrainian girls, it is better to hang around her with the help of all possible means. It doesn't mean that you have to text or phone her every ten minutes. Once again, you mustn't overdo it. But don't disappear for days or weeks without warning her. She may consider you irresponsible, and there's hardly a thing that Ukrainian girl hate more than irresponsible guys.


Flirting always works, so tease her whenever you have a possibility. But pick the right moment. When she's discussing something, which is important for her, be attentive, otherwise you can spoil her good attitude towards you.

Be dependable

Ukrainian women seek comfort in men. So, show her that you're ready to be there for her when she needs you. Show that you are ready to protect her, and she's yours.