What Attracts Ukrainian Women in Men

By Admin on May 31, 2017

Ukrainian women are getting more and more popular among western men in online and offline dating. When the Soviet Union had dissolved, because the former state was mainly associated with Russia, the attention of western men was mainly drawn to Russian women. But when Ukrainian girl were discovered, things got different.

Slowly Ukrainian girls started overshadowing Russian girls, and it seems that it is only a matter of time when they will steal the limelight from their Russian sisters completely.

Still, the common mistake of the vast majority of western men is to consider everyone Slavic to be Russian. This may lead to certain problems when dating Ukrainian girls. Things that can impress a Russian girl won't work with a Ukrainian woman.

So, in case if you really into dating Ukrainian women from yesdates, you need to know how to impress a Ukrainian girl.

What Ukrainian Women Like?

The first step in impressing a Ukrainian woman is understanding what Ukrainian women like. Of course each and every woman must be considered individually, there are general rules that can be a great help in wooing a Ukrainian girl. Ukrainian women like when they feel safe with their men, thus you need to be reliable and confident. But that's just in general, let's take a deeper look into impressing a Ukrainian girl.

You need to look good

Yep, the way you look makes a difference. But, don't worry, you don't need plastic surgery. All you need is taking care of yourself. Just simple rules, if the beard fits you – leave it, if it doesn't – shave it. A nice haircut that really suits you will also help. Clothes do matter, but it doesn't mean that you need to be dressed really sharp. Once again, wear something that really suits you, no need to ask Jean Paul Gaultier for help. And don't forget to use some cologne.

Be attentive

This is not just a general rule on how to impress a Ukrainian girl. This is something you need to learn whenever you try to woo any other girl on this planet. You can't win girl if you're not attentive. When it comes to Ukrainian girls, remember that matriarchal rules prevail in Ukrainian families, thus be attentive when she's talking to you. But don't be just a listener, as she may assume that you're not listening to her at all. If you want to impress a Ukrainian girl, you need to be good in handling a conversation with her.

Make her compliments

Compliments is the best weapon when you trying to impress a girl. So, don't forget to mention how beautiful she is. Tell her that she has the most beautiful eyes that you've seen in your life. Tell her that you enjoy when she laughs. Tell her, that she has the most beautiful smile. But, don't keep you compliments strictly to the appearance. If you don't want her to think that you consider her as a mere piece of meat, you need to make compliments about her thoughts and ideas as well. And if she cooks you a dinner, you need to compliment her cooking abilities.

Learn something about Ukraine

Last, but not the least, you need to learn something about Ukrainian history and culture, before going on the date with a Ukrainian girl. This knowledge will help you in handling the conversation. Moreover, she would be impressed if you manage to learn something about her homeland that she doesn't know.

After learning what you have to do in order to impress a Ukrainian woman, you need to learn few don'ts. Don't try to save her from her poor country, as this attitude of yours may hurt her patriotic feelings. And while making presents don't start with very expensive ones, as she may think that you are trying to buy her.