How to Flirt with Ukrainian Women

By Admin on October 31, 2016

By all means, Ukrainian ladies are amazing. No wonder so many westerners are willing to find a beautiful Ukrainian girl for dating and marriage. Contemporary people struggle to open new horizons and look for new acquaintances on the Internet. However, not all of us know how exactly to pick up Ukrainian girls online. In this article, we gathered some valuable tips that will help you master the art of flirting.

1. Work on your profile

Dumb self-introduction can ruin your entire image. If you go to online dating sites in searches of a Ukrainian mate, a profile creates the first impression of you. That’s why it’s so important to add your best photo (free of touch ups) and write an objective yet attractive self-description.

2. Prepare to new discoveries

Obviously, Ukrainian culture is different from Western. On the other hand, Ukrainians are open-minded and welcoming. Sincerity is another trait of Ukrainian girls – so they’re quite straightforward from foreigners’ view.

3. Show your interest

Any girl desires attention from her man. In Ukraine, women adore long personal conversations: they’re willing to share their mind and listen to their mates. To make a chosen girl think of you more, take an interest in her life first of all. She must feel you’re concerned about her so prove it.

4. Keep it light

There’s no need to tackle serious topics all the time. Add some humour – this is what really makes a female heart melt. Of course, you should pick appropriate jokes that would fit the context of your dialogue and change its tone from time to time.

5. Tell her compliments

Everyone knows that a woman falls in love with her ears primarily. In the case with Ukrainian girls, compliments are just a huge must-do. Yet chose the words wisely – don’t rely on backhanded lines from the Internet. Try to focus on her personal traits instead.

6. Be sincere with her

As we have already told you, Ukrainians are known for their sincerity. That’s why you should be honest with your pen pal as well. Some guys lack self-assurance and struggle to appear “better” than they actually are (in their view). However, we don’t recommend you doing so – just be who you are.

7. Show your manliness

This is what Ukrainian ladies are obsessed with. Generally, they are into initiative, self-confident, and brave guys. A typical female Ukrainian plans her family life ahead so she subconsciously evaluates any man coming to her life from this point of view.

8. Call her by name

Names are powerful. In numerous psychological studies, you can read about how important it is to use names in routine communication. This trick allows you to become closer to a person you talk to. Ukrainian women are no exception.

9. Demonstrate your intellect

As a rule, young Ukrainian women are smart and well-educated. Their manners are great too. No wonder they are so into brainy men. Indeed, your high level of intellect can be even more alluring than your handsomeness as it makes you a leader and a successful person.

10. Act confidently

Self-confident men are always attractive and desirable. Don’t stick to thinking about your weak points. The Ukrainian society supports the traditional role model when a man should be the head of his family. Well, they also say that a woman is the “neck” so she is the real Grey Cardinal in her couple.

11. Respect her

Personal space matters to anybody. Ukrainian girls may be more emotional and straightforward than their Western sisters yet they also want you to respect their privacy. Remember about the boundaries: don’t get assertive if she’s not ready to talk about something or send you more photos.