Impressing Your Ukrainian Girlfriend

Tips and Advice By Admin on February 13, 2017

Impressing a girl can be a hard thing to accomplish, especially if you're targeting a girl from the post-Soviet countries. Western men tend to believe that women from those countries differ drastically from those from western countries. If you prefer dating Ukrainian women you must be careful, because they are not the same as Russian girls.

Although they do bear similarities, impressing a Ukrainian girl is not the same as impressing a Russian girl.

So, without further ado check out our tips in how to impress a girl. 

Dating Ukrainian girls online is your first chance to impress her. You should know hot to make a good first impression on a girl, 'cause if you fail it your conversation will stay online and won't go any further. 

If you know something about Ukrainian culture, you can impress her with that. If you don't know a thing and still want to impress her, show your interest in Ukraine and its traditions. Besides impressing her, you will get useful information about her and her looks on Ukrainian culture. But don't step too hard on the topic, because cultural questions while important mustn't overshadow your conversations about sweet little romantic things.

Instead of talking about how you see your mutual relationships, ask how she sees it. This will show that you are ready to treat her with the respect that she deserves, and will impress her. 

Pay attention to her mood. It's hard to tell in what kind of mood someone is in when online, you need to try. There's nothing that a Ukrainian girl hates more than her mood passes unnoticed. If you're not keen on guessing the only possible variant for you is asking weather she's in a good or bad mood.

Now let's imagine that your online dating is heading successfully towards first date in real world. There are few things that impress a Ukrainian girl.

While Russian girls prefer assertiveness in men, don't push too hard on it. Ukrainian girls like men to be reasonably assertive. If you have no ideas on how to arrange your first date, it is better to ask her advice. It doesn't mean that you should leave all the arrangements on her, because you don't want her to think that you are unable to make decisions. But, you can ask her what she would prefer – a romantic dinner, a walk in the park, or just going sightseeing. Variants will convince her that you can arrange whatever she chooses, while asking her to choose will assure her that you're looking for a life partner, and not a housemaid. 

Ukrainian girls like when men are able to listen to them. So, let her do the talking. It doesn't mean that you should keep silence for the whole evening, but don't turn it into talking only about yourself. 

Being a gentleman would definitely impress a Ukrainian girl. Make sure that you'll open the door and let her go first, that you pull the chair for her, and don't forget to stand up when she's leaving the table. One thing you must remember, you're paying for dinner, as other variants are unacceptable.