11 Tips to Impress Your Ukrainian Girl on the First Date

By Admin on August 29, 2017

So, there’s quite important and responsible event ahead: that Ukrainian meet girl online you asked out on the first date agreed. The future of your relationship depends on how this romantic evening goes and ends; after all, the first impression is always the strongest. And since most Ukrainian girls are emotional and romantic, you should pay attention only to these two aspects when preparing for the first date. The evening should be interesting and unusual, leaving only positive emotions. We put together 11 tips that will help you impress a Ukrainian girl.

Impressing a Ukrainian girl: where to start?

First of all, it is worth noting that when thinking that money solves everything, guys make a huge mistake. Yes, a large bank account opens up more possibilities. However, those, who don’t have a thick wallet in their pocket, still can win a Slavic woman’s heart. To impress your Ukrainian companion, you need to learn as much as possible about her. Contact her friends if you can. It’s much easier to surprise her, knowing about the girl's preferences.

Where can I go on the first date?

When choosing a place for a romantic evening, you need to consider a couple of nuances, like the time of the year or your lady’s preferences. In summer, apart from cafes, restaurants, movie theaters, and other trivial places, you can invite her to a picnic in the park, decorating the tree you’ll be sitting under with paper hearts, for example. Another option for a romantic (and budget) first date is the sight of the setting sun, which you can enjoy from the roof of the high-rise building. Don’t forget to grab candles, blanket, and hot chocolate.

2) Tease her

How to impress a Ukrainian girl on a first date: 11 tips

If you spend some time on preparations, the first date will surely be special and memorable. Impressing a Ukrainian girl is not as difficult as it seems. It’s all about gifts and actions.

1) Leave the cafe without paying

Every Ukrainian girl dreams of meeting a “bad guy.” A dating act that won’t cause any serious problems will spice up your evening. To avoid any risk, pay the check in advance, while the girl is in the restroom, for example. Of course, it's better to confess that your small crime was staged but do it later.

2) Plan the date to the smallest detail

The best way to impress a Ukrainian girl is to prepare for the date in advance. Consider any small detail: where to go, where to hide in case of rain, what topics you will discuss in case of an awkward pause in the conversation. You need to have several alternate options; this way you’ll know what to do if anything goes wrong. Your Slavic companion will appreciate the effort. Don’t forget to ask the girl about what she wants. The man, who makes decisions himself, should also never forget about his woman.

3) Surprise her with flowers

The easiest way to impress a Ukrainian woman on the first date is to give her a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The only problem is that by the end of the evening, they wither. If you’re not going to pick your lady up from her home, so that she could put the bouquet in the water, let your friend or a courier deliver the flowers at the end of the evening. By this time, you should be finishing the dinner or walking in the park. Once the courier calls to confirm the delivery, apologize to the girl and say that one of your co-workers is about to bring you some important documents. The bouquet will stay fresh at least for a few days and become living evidence that you prepared for the first date in advance.

4) More compliments

How to impress a Ukrainian girl? It’s simple: just start saying compliments. You have more chances to attract a woman if you’re not afraid to show your feelings. Tell the girl that you like her beautiful eyes, cute freckles, or delicious perfume. Don’t be afraid to express your thoughts aloud. Firstly, compliments are always flattering, and secondly, the girl will know that you really like her. But you shouldn’t make compliment after compliment non-stop the whole evening; find the right moment. For example, if you told a joke, and she smiled or laughed, and you liked her laugh, tell her about it. Nothing brings people closer as fast as sincerely.

5) Choose the right place for a date

For Ukrainian women, dating is a lot more than walking around the city and sitting in a café or restaurant. Try to move away from these ideas and ask the girl out to some place, where only people, who know each other for a long time, go. There is a risk to disappoint your companion, so don’t hesitate to ask her about her hobbies before planning the evening. If she loves sports, buy two tickets to a game or ask her out to a sports bar. For a romantic lady, organize a picnic in the park or take her to the theater if it’s already cold outside. These places are much better than ones most couples usually go, so they will definitely impress your Ukrainian beauty.

6) Actions, behavior

As you know, women prefer actions to words. Sure, when it comes to the first date, we’re not talking about some daring actions like a proposal. We’re talking about ordinary things, something that may seem unobtrusive at first glance but shows that chivalry still exists. If the man is gallant and courteous only with his partner, while being rude to others, he certainly is not a gentleman.

7) Sincerity, openness

Despite some Ukrainian stereotypes that a man should be brave, determined, strong, emotionless, etc., Slavic women appreciate such attributes as openness, sincerity, and the ability to share their emotions. You should remember it when dating Ukrainian women. At the subconscious level, a woman perceives these attributes as a signal: “He knows how to love! He is gentle and romantic.” Show some emotions or tell a story from your childhood. Such words will not only show your openness but also serve as an excellent signal of the seriousness of your intentions.

8) Make her laugh

Having a good sense of humor will turn the girl’s attention to you. If making her laugh is not difficult for you, then there is a good chance to impress her. Humor helps relieve sexual tension, which positively affects the first date. To develop a sense of humor, you can follow a few tips:

Always stay positive

Improve your jokes

Pay attention to body language

9) Her interests are the key to a successful surprise

Usually, when two people meet for the first time, they talk about their hobbies. This information should definitely be used when thinking about how to impress on a first date. For example, if she loves detectives, you can give her a best-seller of this genre, hiding a cute surprise between the pages. If she is a movie lover, be sure to take her to the cinema. If she prefers active leisure, give her a hot air balloon ride, a trip on ATVs or a roller coaster, or any other entertainment that will leave tons of pleasant impressions.

10) Distance is not an obstacle

There are situations when the relationship hasn’t yet become serious, but the future couple is few hundreds or thousands of miles away from each other. To keep his lady interested, the man starts wondering how to impress her. If you date online, there is a proven way to make a long-distance first date unforgettable: a gift delivered by courier. This can be a soft toy, a bouquet of flowers, or a basket with sweets. However, to be sure that the courier makes the delivery at the precise time, you should take care of this problem in advance. Be sure that your companion is at home when the package arrives. And then just watch her reacting to this little but pleasant surprise.

11) Cook something yourself

If you invite your Slavic girlfriend to your place and know how to cook well, then the answer to the question of how to impress a girl on a first date is obvious. Of course, a simple meal you cook every day is not the best option in this case. You should think about what she may like. If she likes sweets - try to cook a cake or cookies for her. You can also ask the girl out to a picnic and cook delicious grilled meat. Use all the culinary ways to impress your Ukrainian companion. Remember something unusual you cooked before, and you’ll definitely find a delicious recipe.

In conclusion

In general, to understand how to impress a Ukrainian girl on a first date, it’s enough to think outside the box or resort to the above-mentioned tips. And try to do everything from the heart: a sincere desire to please the girl you like won’t go unnoticed. And even if your attempt to impress her fails, you’ll still earn yourself a couple of points. At least you tried your best.