10 Traits that Ukrainian Women Hate the Most in Men

By Admin on June 30, 2017

When you see the number of online services that offer Ukrainian women for dating, you may think that dating Ukrainian girls is quite an easy task to accomplish. But there are certain things you need to know to date a Ukrainian woman. Knowing what Ukrainian women like about men can help you win a heart of a Ukrainian girl, but if you want to avoid the risk of losing, you need to know what Ukrainian women hate about men as well.

Sometimes it feels like men and women are from different planets. What may seem quite normal for a man, can be absolutely annoying for a woman. While you may think that a certain trait of your character can do no harm, sometimes it may ruin your relationships. Ukrainian women are not so different from women from any other corner of the world, and if you plan to date a Ukrainian girl you need to learn the traits the Ukrainian women hate the most in men.

Uncertainty about Future

If you are about to start dating Ukrainian women, you must be certain of where you want your relationships to go. Being uncertain about future is what all women hate about men. Needless to say that things get much more serious, when it comes to international dating. Ukrainian girls hate men that are uncertain about their plans.

The Lack of Attention

While you may think that a girl can open the door herself, pull a chair for herself, but you need to do it. Especially, if you are dating a Ukrainian girl. Little things like opening a door for her or asking her whether she is fine today are crucial when dating Ukrainian women, as otherwise they might assume that you're not interested.

Constant Seeking for Her Attention

The only thing Ukrainian girls hate more than lack of attention is when men is an attention-seeking whore. When you constantly doubt yourself and ask whether your relationships are going fine, Ukrainian girls may consider you a whiner, and men like that tend to scare women away.

Talking about Other Girls

Even on online services offering Ukrainian girls for dating you should avoid discussing other girls you are chatting with. Ukrainian girls don't like talking about other girls, because if you're discussing one girl it is easy to assume that you chat-mate may become the subject of your discussion with someone else.


Don't even try to lie to a Ukrainian girl, as she pays close attention to everything from the words that you use in correspondence with her to your facial expressions. So, she'll have no problems figuring out that you are lying.

Taking Women for Granted

You can't consider yourself a gift of faith, while taking your woman for granted. Especially if your woman is Ukrainian. So don't forget to make compliments and present her with flowers and some small gifts.

High Self-Esteem

If you want to date a Ukrainian girl, forget expressing your high self-esteem, as no girl wants to hang around with someone who thinks that he is hub of the universe.

Stupid Jokes

Ukrainians are known for their great sense of humour, so either work on your jokes or keep silent, because you'll unlikely impress your Ukrainian girlfriend by flat jokes.

Lack of Responsibility

If you can't be responsible for your actions how on Earth do you plan to build a relationship? Lack of responsibility can kill any relationship, as a girl can't trust you and rely on you.


Post-Soviet men are quite passive, and Ukrainian and Russian girls expect foreigners to be active. If you cannot be a leader, than she'll have to, and she had enough of that with men from her homeland.