10 Sex Tips to Impress Your Ukrainian Girl

By Admin on July 31, 2017

Any relationship can’t go without sex. Both partners have to be confident in themselves and pay attention to each other; otherwise, their relationship will fall apart. That’s why it’s important to know your significant other’s sexual preferences in bed. And since pretty ukrainian ladies are becoming more and more popular among Western men, lets’ talk about their desires.

Women in all countries prefer a different approach to sex, and ladies from Ukraine are no exception in this case. So there’s no universal approach. But there are still a couple of tips that may help you impress a Ukrainian girl in bed.

How to impress a Ukrainian girl

When it comes to sex with a Ukrainian woman, you should remember that Slavic girls can be a bit constrained, though these ten tips will work even on the shyest Ukrainian lady.

1) Try to give her orgasm before the intercourse begins

Every woman would love her partner doing it more often. But unfortunately, men usually don’t pay much attention to such detail, trying to get down to business as soon as possible. This basically means that they skip the most of the foreplay, limiting it to a couple of kisses and caresses or a few minutes of oral sex. Such selfish attitude will never impress a Ukrainian girl.

If you help her reach the highest pleasure before the act itself, she will definitely be impressed by your skills, even if you didn’t last long. Besides, giving her orgasm right from the start will help you bring her another one during the act. This way you show that you care about her feelings.

2) Tease her

Usually, it’s the girls who tease guys and not vice versa. Men just claw their way to the intercourse without even thinking about their partners’ desires. But often, the woman wants her man to tease her before the act until she literally begs him for sex. This will bring her maximum pleasure. For instance, before getting down to oral sex, start with kissing her thighs, moving closer and closer to the destination. Keep doing it, until your Ukrainian girl starts asking for more, and proceed to penetration. If you want to impress a Ukrainian woman, this will work best.

3) More oral sex

A lot of men don’t satisfy their partners orally that often or even never do this. The thing is that most of them think that their fingers are enough for the foreplay. But when it comes to impressing a Ukrainian girl, such attitude is unacceptable. If you’re experienced enough, satisfying your partner orally is the best and easiest way to help her reach orgasm. Besides, if you make her finish through oral sex, she’ll get more pleasure from the intercourse. If you want your Slavic girlfriend think that you’re the best lover ever, be sure to give her a lot of oral sex.

4) Use words to turn her on

It turns out that a lot of guys never say something to their partners during sex because they are afraid to seem weird. But if they knew a bit more about those sexy Ukrainian women, they’d know that everything is the other way round. Girls don’t like guys being silent in bed, as in this case, they can’t tell if they like it. They are like a phone that was turned off. Just think for a moment, what would you like more: a girl lying on the bed silently or one that screams from pleasure, constantly repeating what a great lover you are? Want to turn sex with a Ukrainian girl into something unforgettable? Learn how to turn her on with words.

5) Keep an eye contact

If you have ever had an orgasm while looking into your loved one’s eyes, you already know how exciting this feels. Keeping an eye contact during the intercourse will enhance her feelings. Once your partner feels this experience, she will be asking for more. Next time you’re in bed with a Ukrainian girl, don’t turn the lights off and keep an eye contact all the way during the intercourse.

6) Don’t ignore her after sex

After everything’s over, the girl is excited and vulnerable. A lot of guys do a big mistake ignoring their partners after the intercourse. The thing is that in women, the cooldown period after sex lasts longer than in men, and they want the partner to pay attention to them during this time. Just spend a few minutes talking about what just happened.

7) Don’t limit yourself to the bed only

A lot of Ukrainian girls like guys flirting with them not only in the bedroom. By teasing and caressing her in unexpected places, you will show that you’re passionate about her, and not just looking for sex. Besides, if you’re in a public place and can’t get straight to business, this will make her crave for sex. Start with kissing her in the kitchen or caressing her at a party.

8) Don’t hesitate to use toys

Some Ukrainian girls secretly want to have more toys in the bedroom. According to the family therapists, toys can help a woman reach orgasm much faster. Some girls can’t get the maximum satisfaction in certain positions. Sex toys can solve this problem. Besides, it never hurts to try something new: research has shown that women, who are open to experiments in bed, reach orgasm more often.

9) Don’t rush things

You already know that women enjoy foreplay, but some girls would like you to caress them for a couple of hours before the act. For them, sex is not a switch with two positions. They need something like a pre-prelude with gentle embraces, then a long prelude, and only then the act itself. They need more time to reach orgasm. There’s no clear time frame for each stage, just don’t try to get to the intercourse as soon as possible. Pay more attention to her neck, ears, shoulders, and back.

10) Don’t be too polite

Spank her. Pull her to the wall. Some Ukrainian ladies would love to have a tougher sex. They want their men to be more aggressive. We’re not talking about whips, chains, and all that 50-shades-of-gray stuff. Just be a bit tougher, but remain a gentleman. According to psychologists and sex therapists, some women dream of submission to the man because they are used to being in charge themselves. This really turns them on. In sex, the main thing is excitement; you no longer feel nervous with a long-time partner, so you are finally ready for experiments. But not all women appreciate rough sex, so be sure to ask your partner about her desires first. Start with finding out what turns her on and watch her reaction to everything new.

What Ukrainian women enjoy in bed

Here are three main things Ukrainian women love about sex.


Some men think that most women from Ukraine are too inexperienced when it comes to sex. But their belief is pretty far from the truth; they would be glad to try something new and exciting. All they need is someone to guide them. But if your Ukrainian partner is not confident about you, you can forget about diversifying sex life.

Sharing pleasure with their partners

That’s another interesting fact you should know about Ukrainian girls: they expect you to demonstrate your feelings and are ready to share theirs with you. Ukrainian girls think of sex as of something more than a simple physical need.

Mutual passion

Women from Ukraine love gentlemen. But at the same time, they want a partner who is incredibly energetic in bed. They’re looking for guys who can bring them unforgettable emotions. So being passionate with your Slavic girlfriend is the easiest way to impress her. Sex is perhaps the main reason why you should try Ukrainian women dating. Just be sure that you do everything right.